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Super Yanker Kinetic Recovery Rope | 3/4"

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4.00 LBS
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The Super Yanker® kinetic recovery rope was introduced in 1996, and was the very first product Master Pull released. Since then, the Super Yanker® has proven itself as the ultimate recovery rope, with its unique ability to stretch and make vehicle recovery almost effortless. Far superior to tow straps and chains, the Super Yanker® is an excellent vehicle recovery tool in mud, sand, and snow.

The Super Yanker® is made with the highest quality double braided nylon. During vehicle recovery the rope stretches and absorbs enormous energy from the pulling vehicle. This energy is then transferred to the stuck vehicle, resulting in an extremely effective and efficient vehicle recovery. This stretch eliminates the jerking action commonly felt with static tow straps and greatly reduces the amount of stress on the vehicle and its occupants.

The Super Yanker® is trusted in the harshest conditions by the US Armed Forces, Search and Rescue units, First Responders, industrial workers, and off-road enthusiasts around the world.


  1. Shock absorbing, double braided nylon stretches up to 30% for highest performance vehicle extraction
  2. Black nylon offers better UV resistance
  3. Nylon fiber is water and mildew resistant
  4. Ballistic nylon chafe protection in the eyes protect against abrasion and are removable so you can inspect the eye or replace in case of damage
  5. Includes a velcro rope strap for easy, tangle free storage
  6. Includes a Kinetic Recovery Guide which explains how to safely perform kinetic vehicle recoveries


Diameter3/4" (19 mm)
Length20' (6.1 m) or 30' (9.1 m)
Weight20': 4 lb (1.8 kg) 30': 6 lb (2.7 kg)
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)19,000 lb (8,620 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)2,000 lb - 4,500 lb (910 kg - 2,040 kg)
Recommended Steel Bow Shackle Size5/8" or 3/4"


  • Shock absorbing - The Super Yanker® kinetic recovery rope stretches and absorbs shock when extracting a vehicle
  • Reduced vehicle stress - The Super Yanker® absorbs the shock that otherwise would be transferred to the vehicle chassis
  • Stronger - The Super Yanker® kinetic recovery rope is much stronger than a flat tow strap
  • Momentum - Since it can stretch and absorb shock, the Super Yanker® allows the pulling vehicle to gain momentum before it is burdened with the weight of the stuck vehicle. This prevents the pulling vehicle from getting stuck as well

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Product Reviews

  1. Great product

    Posted by D. Nuggs on 28th Jan 2020

    Have used both the 3/4" 30' rope and 10' 3/4" bridle for recovery. I've also totally covered these things in mud and they wash clean with some cold water easily. The integrated covers on the ends are really useful and provide peace of mind against abrasion wear when things start to pivot and rub around. I'll be buying more and recommend them to my friends.

  2. the best line ever

    Posted by Shawn Aaron on 24th May 2014

    Strong dependable easy to use, with this rope I am able to free stuck lightweight vehicles and you don't feel a thing love it.

  3. Don't leave home without it.

    Posted by Harry on 12th Mar 2014

    The Super Yanker is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don't go off-road without it. I have been using a large (1-inch) Super Yanker for years but just bought the 3/4-inch to put in my Baja Bug before I head down to Mexico. It is amazing how large of a vehicle I can pull out with the little Bug and my Super Yanker!