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9mm (3/8") Classic Winch Line - 17,600 lbs

  • Classic synthetic winch line in black with standard gusset tube thimble. Includes removable Velcro Rock Guard.
  • Classic synthetic winch line in blue with standard gusset tube thimble. Includes removable Velcro Rock Guard.
  • Classic synthetic winch line in orange with standard gusset tube thimble. Includes removable Velcro Rock Guard.
  • The optional sling hook has a large throat opening and heavy duty safety latch to maintain a secure connection with rigging.
  • The gusset tube thimble will not crush under load and accepts a shackle pin up to 7/8" diameter (3/4" shackle has a 7/8" diameter pin).
  • The gusset tube thimble has smooth, rounded edges and is compatible with soft shackles.
  • Universal drum attachment is low profile, strong, and designed to be compatible with almost every winch drum.
  • Includes hardware to install on Warn® Zeon® winches.
  • Includes hardware to install on side flange style drum connections.
4.00 LBS
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  1. Heavy duty tube thimble for superior eye protection
  2. Heat resistant sleeve protects against drum heat and abrasion
  3. Universal drum attachment compatible with most winches
  4. Made with genuine SK75 Dyneema fiber - high abrasion resistance and excellent tensile strength
  5. Coated with polyurethane added UV and chemical resistance
  6. Removable Rock Guard included for extra protection against chafe and wear
  7. Labeled with breaking strength and diameter
  8. Made in the USA


Diameter3/8" (9 mm)
Breaking Strength17,600 lbs (7,980 kg)
Recommended Winch Rating8,000 - 12,000 lb (3,630 - 5,440 kg)
MaterialDyneema SK75 synthetic fiber

Will This Fit My Winch?

The 3/8" winch line works best with winches ranging from 8,000 - 10,000 lbs. For more information on what length/diameter to choose please reference our Winch Line Guide.


Back in late 90’s, Master Pull started experimenting with installing synthetic winch lines on recreational off road vehicles. At the time, off roaders had never seen anything like it. We told them that synthetic ropes were lighter, stronger and safer than steel wire rope. Most people told us we were crazy. It took some time, but people finally realized the benefits that synthetic rope had over steel wire. Ever since we have strived to offer the highest quality synthetic winch lines available.

The Classic Winch Line is an ode to the original winch line that Master Pull started selling over 15 years ago, but with a modern twist. We’ve taken all the enhancements over the years and encompassed them all into the Classic: heavy duty thimble, lightweight hook, universal drum attachment, detachable Rock Guard, high visibility heat guard - all these things make the Classic the best bang for your buck winch line available.

The best part is, the Classic Winch Line is hand spliced here in the USA, when you order it. There’s no inferior imitation materials used here. Master Pull quality at an affordable price.


Over Steel Wire Rope

  • Safer than steel wire rope
  • Stronger than steel wire rope
  • Extremely lightweight makes it easy to use
  • Floats in water
  • Torque-free
  • No more cut hands from wire splinters or burrs
  • Will not kink like steel wire rope
  • Will not rust

The Master Pull Classic Winch Line was designed to be extremely lightweight and tough. We use heavy duty tube thimbles in the eyes for ultimate protection. The optional hooks are specially designed for use with synthetic rope to be both strong and lightweight. On the drum end, the line is covered with a heat resistant sleeve to both protect from winch brake heat and drum abrasion. The bright orange color also helps signal that the line is on the last wrap of the drum. The universal drum attachment includes hardware compatible with most winches. For additional abrasion protection, the Classic includes our removable Rock Guard. This chafe guard can be velcroed on the line if it has to run over rocks or trees to protect it from damage.

The Classic Winch Line is made in the USA out of genuine Dyneema SK75 synthetic fiber, which has many benefits over steel wire rope. The Classic Winch Line is so light, that in the event of breakage it will not violently snap back like steel wire rope will, making it much safer. The reduced weight also allows for easier use than steel wire, and the soft fiber will not cut hands with splinters or burrs. On top of all these benefits, size for size, the Classic Winch Line is stronger than the steel wire counterpart.

Side Note

Despite all the benefits that the Classic Winch Line has over steel wire rope, the proper precautions must be taken when using synthetic rope for winching. Synthetic winch lines are more prone to chafe damage than wire rope, so ensure that the winch rope is rigged properly and isn’t rubbing on rocks, trees or other abrasive surfaces while under tension. This is why we developed our removable Rock Guard to protect the rope when you can’t avoid contact with abrasive surfaces. With proper use and care, the Classic Winch Line will last just as long, if not longer than a steel wire rope. For more information on maintenance, visit our Synthetic Rope Maintenance page.

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Product Reviews

  1. A very good quality winch line

    Posted by Norm on 8th Dec 2018

    I have a 9K Superwinch on my Jeep Wrangler that had wire cable on it. The cable had been kinked by prior owner and there were a couple of broken, exposed wires in the cable to boot. The kinks compromised the cable strength, the broken wire strands posed a hazard to hands and lets face it... wire cable is difficult to spools off and back on the winch with its memory that keeps it tightly coiled when not under tension. I researched and found Master Pull synthetic rope and bought 75 feet of it about two years ago now. It was easy to install and spooling this rope off and handling it is SO much nicer as is spooling the rope back onto the winch after extended use. Best of all no more stray wires to puncture my hands not to mention the rope is less hazardous to operators IF it were to break during use. The protective sheath not only protects the rope during use, but I also keep it on when I spool the rope back into the winch to protect the wraps of rope on the spool from the UV rays of sunlight. I've used this rope for several vehicle recoveries but most of all I have used it with pulley blocks to drag timbers up steep hillsides. Glad i bought it. Worth the investment.

  2. solid company outstanding product and customer service

    Posted by nick on 5th Apr 2017

    Recently I purchased the master pull 9mm classic winchline and have had great experience with it thus far. Great looking finished product and a solid construction make masterpull a first choice must have for winch linens. I had a slight delay in receiving my line that I needed ASAP and had to have it sent to me in 2 day mail so it cost me, and I didn't receive the free shipping that I was supposed to get, but they kindly refunded me the $27 (over night fee) and told me that they will always give priority if their notified by the customer when placing their order using the "notes" box on the order form or by calling them once you've placed your order. What more could I ask for thanks guys for your outstanding service and AMERICAN MADE QUALITY
    Nick Harrison

  3. very impressed

    Posted by Austin on 16th Feb 2017

    I just recently decided to replace my wired winch cable to a synthetic rope and I did a lot of research and found this one was the best. It was super easy to re spool and it was easy to handle unlike the wired one I had before!! Very please and since purchase I've already pulled people out with the new rope and all I've had was compliments on its performance and also for its looks!! Best recovery purchase I've made so far!!

  4. winch line

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Aug 2016

    Exactly what I expected for master the Winch line is great.
    I also use one of there 7/8 kinetic straps couldn't be happier.